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FAQ & Returns

What makes Organic Cotton different?
Organic Cotton is grown without enviornmentally persistant pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, according to the USDA National Organic Prgram.

Will they Shrink?
Yes.  However, I took this into account by calculating a "shrink ratio" and compensating.  When selecting a sock size, just choose your regular shoe size.

How should I wash them?
Any wash cycle is fine.  As a tip, read the back of your detergent label to see if it has "enzymes," in addition to "surfactants."  Personally, I use Seventh Generation on cold, since washing in cold water uses 90% less energy.

Shipping Policy & Returns?
Everything is shipped USPS First Class (3-5 days), unless it's too heavy.  Then, it goes as Priority Mail.  Generally, I'm able to ship within 48 hours.  

Returns or Size Exchange?
Please write to me within 30 days for full refund or exchange. I will accept them even if you wore and washed them.

International Shipping?
I do ship internationally at very resaonable rates and have exported to over a dozen countries.