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1 Pair, 100% Organic Cotton, Over-Calf


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By varying the loop length, I create a shaped sock that fits more comfortable around the calf.

If you want a good finished product, you have to start with good ingredients.

My Organic Cotton comes from Texas farmers, supporting environmentally sustainable agriculture jobs here in America. This also reduces air, sea and sound pollution associated with international shipment.

The latest computerized knitting tech is used to created toes without a seam, which eliminates a frequent point of failure.

The color is raw, natural cotton that's left chemically pure. This contrasts with competitors that use chlorine bleach or classes of dye that harm the environment.

Shipping Policy:
- Generally, I'm able to make and mail your order the day-of or the day-after you place your order.
- USPS First Class, arrives in ~3 Business days

Plain English Privacy Statement:
It is impossible for me to see your credit card number. All of that is handled by Stripe or PayPal. The only data I receive is a confirmation of payment, your physical mailing address, and a packing slip. After sending you a shipping notification, I don't send marketing emails. Trust me, I hate spam as much as you. I promise to never sell your data or use a data broker or other 3rd party.